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If you sell equipment, Financing is Vitally Important To You
The two questions every one of your prospects ask are:
       1. What are the benefits of this acquisition?
       2. How am I going to pay for it?

In small, entrepreneurial companies, cash is critical. Many of these companies live "hand to mouth" with no real reserves except for major emergencies. Companies like these invariably need outside help to acquire your equipment.

In big companies, managers must justify each new acquisition in order to obtain the necessary funding. There are often committees and budget concerns to address. Managers must prepare justification reports and follow time consuming procedures to get money allocated to their projects. These roadblocks can be more daunting than a simple cash shortfall is for a small entrepreneur, but many of these managers can authorize leases.
There is a third category of prospect. It is the company which would love to have your equipment because of past credit problems doesn't qualify for conventional loans or leases.

All of these are leasing opportunities that 3 Rivers Leasing can address which will help you close more sales.
You have to Assume That Financing Is A Factor Of Every Sale........

To properly address this reality, you must help your prospects get the financing they need. If you do, your sale closes smoothly, as soon as the lease application is completed. If you don't, you are going to face delays and lose orders because due to lost momentum. Shopping for money is confusing. For instance, there are at least twelve ways to structure a lease. Don't sit back and wait while your prospect figures all of this out or goes to your competitor who offers easy financing through his leasing company.

Don't Turn Down Sales

3 Rivers Leasing can finance almost anyone, including start ups and companies with prior bankruptcies and challenged credit histories. 3 Rivers Leasing makes it easy to offer financing to your customers. Our documents are simple and our processing requirements are easy. All you do is contact your 3 Rivers representative and he/she will provide you with finance information and rates to include in your proposals. You can now ask the customer if he wants to pay cash or finance - either way, you win.

3 Rivers Leasing offers a full range of equipment financing options from conventional leases to real estate secured loans. Because we work with major underwriters across the country. We are able to match the customers needs to the right source. No direct lender or captive lease subsidiary has this kind of range.
We handle the details, leaving your people free to get more business. We give you a cash sale with no contingent exposure, and pay you promptly on equipment delivery.

Getting Started
To find out more about putting us to work for you, simply contact us for more information. One of our experienced vendor account specialists will provide you all the information you need to get started.

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