Mining and road equipment Financing
We finance road equipment / Mining equipment or any type of heavy equipment.
Metal and Mining Financing

With 3 Rivers Leasing and Graco Mortgage the Elements of Success Are All There

Companies that explore for develop, mine and process metalics, minerals and aggregates as well as businesses that make the equipment used i this industry have depended on 3 Rivers Leasing and Graco Mortgage for financing for the past 21 years.

From  commodity volatility to global competition, we understand the nuances of the industry that affect your business.

Here is a look at the financing products that may be appropriate for your steel and metal manufacturing business.

* Revolver and Term Debt (Asset or Cash Flow Based)
* Greenfield/Brownfield Project Financing
* Operating and Capital Leases
* Limited Partnership Equity

Industry Specialization

* Primary Metal Production
* Foundry/Casting Operations
* Metal Fabrication/Stamping
* Pipe/Tube/Wire Production
* Scrap Trading/Process
* Distribution
* Mining
* Mill Services
* Metal Trading

Assets Financed

* Accounts Receivable and Inventory
* Equipment (manufacturing, distribution, trucking, automotive, corporate aircraft, etc.)
* Real Estate (See our affiliate