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We Are The Healthcare Financing Specialist

Robust health doesn't just happen, you have to work at it regularly. The same way 3 Rivers Leasing and Graco Mortgage works with the healthcare industry. We have provided financing for the healthcare industry and medical equipment financing services to companies in over 30 healthcare sectors including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare IT, managed care, senior housing, outpatient imaging centers physician practices, laboratories and home health, just to name a few.

With our industry expertise, we can deliver tailored solutions designed to keep your organization financially fit.

We understand the critical issues that affect our healthcare customers (e.g. Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, healthcare regulations, etc.), and we use our in-depth industry expertise  to deliver a full range of healthcare finance solutions for organizations and the financial advisers and management firms that work with them.

* Medical Equipment Financing:
   Our financing, term loans equipment rental, IT Financing and tax-exempt financing help you get the medical equipment you facility needs while aligning with your business plans, marketing strategy and budgetary goals. For more information please contact us.

* Cash Flow Financing:
Term loans and lines of credit to help you manage the overall capitalization of your business whether you are making an acquisition restructuring your business or refinancing your existing debt.

* Asset Based Lending:
Seasonal requirements, business expansions and cyclical business swings increase your need for capital. Maximize your flexibility and borrowing capacity using your existing asset base.

* Real Estate Lending:
Customized real estate financing solution's including first mortgages, interim financing, forward commitments, operating leases and capital leases for a wide range of healthcare providers. Graco Mortgage can offer the solutions to raise the capital you need, or help you purchase or refinance your property.

* Equity Investing:
When you take on an equity co-investor, you reap the benefits of a rapid cash infusion without relinquishing control over your business.

* Interest Rate Management:
Risk management solutions and hedging transactions can help you mitigate the risk of fluctuating interest rates.

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