Hotel FF&E Financing Options

3 Rivers Leasing offers you easy financing options for your hotel / motel furniture, fixtures and equipment purchases. Flag or non-flag, it makes no difference to us. A simple one page application can get you $250,000  in financing. For larger projects, we are able to get financing up to $5 billion.
Did you know leasing may improve your financial statement over time?                                                                                               
Leasing is "under the radar" and will not affect your credit score or your net worth. It affects your credit the same way as renting a car does - not at all. Leasing keeps your business / personal financial statements at their strongest, rather than weakening them. A lease will not show on your credit, and will not decrease your net worth or score.                                     
Thinking of paying cash, out-of-pocket? Consider this. . . Cash is the first line item on your financial statement and balance sheet. If you use cash for purchasing your hotel furniture, fixtures or equipment, your net worth goes down equal to the amount of the purchase. Plus now you have used cash to invest in something that is going to lose value instead of gaining in value.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Use a lease to finance your big and small equipment purchases. Save your cash for the purchase of real estate, which can increase in equity or any emergency that may arise. Do not decrease your net worth every time your hotel needs to buy furniture and equipment by spending cash or using a line of credit. Financing is a smart way to purchase hotel FF&E from 3 Rivers Leasing.                                                                                                                                                                                    
To get started with financing on your hotel / motel furniture, fixtures and equipment purchase. Just click the button below to download the quick and easy application form now.
As an additional option, our affiliate company, Graco Mortgage can finance your hotel / motel whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, cash out or even build a brand new hotel anywhere in the USA. We are here to serve you.

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Hotel FF&E Financing