Contract Financing for all types of businesses
Compare Contract Financing to Traditional Funding
3 Rivers Leasing Bank Venture / Investors
Funding Applications No Industry Limitations Traditional Start-Up
Expansion/Growth Mezzanine
Recourse Limited to equipment Yes: Funding is recourse to borrower
and is often personal
Yes: Funding is recourse to borrower
Funding Scope $1 Million and up Limited by department and credit
review committees
Highly variable and dependent on
fund size
Monetized Amount Up to 100% net present
value of fixed payment stream
Typically 10% - 50% Typically 10% - 70%
Interest Rate Fixed: Competitive Not Fixed: May be competitive Not Fixed: Not Competitive
Fees or Equity Grants Documentation & Legal Only Closing & Renewable Fees Typically Fees AND Equity
Time to Close 2-4 weeks average 90+ days 6 months - 18 months
Repayment Structure Customized to suit specific cash
flow needs of project including option
to defer start of repayment
Restrictive/Rigid 5-7 year 10X Investment return expectation
Security/ Collateral Assignment of unconditional promise
to pay from investment grade entity
1st Lien position on tangible assets Control
Oversight None Audits, frequent reviews - life of loan Board Representation
Documentation Efficient - Prepared in-house Litigious and Extensive Litigious and Extensive